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Security researchers find serious exploitable flaws in 14 major Anti-Virus engines like AVG, Bitdefender, ESet, F-Secure

The Cyber Prosecutor Sending Nude-Photo Thieves To Prison

Wesley Hsu, head of the Cyber And Intellectual Property Crimes Section in the central district of California’s U.S. Attorneys’ OfficeFederal prosecutor Wesley Hsu has been working cybercrime cases for over a decade. Chief of the cyber crime unit at the U.S.

NSA keeps low profile at hacker conventions despite past appearances

As hackers prepare to gather in Las Vegas for a pair of annual conventions, the leadership of the National Security Agency won’t make the trek.

Cyber Deterrence Is Working

Despite the mainstream view of cyberwar professionals and theorists, cyber deterrence is not only possible but has been working for decades. Cyberwar professionals are in the midst of a decades-old debate on how America could deter adversaries from attacking us in cyberspace.

Spy of the Tiger

A recent report documents a group of attackers known as “PittyTiger” that appears to have been active since at least 2011; however, they may have been operating as far back as 2008. We have been monitoring the activities of this group and believe they are operating from China.

U.S. Warns Retailers of ‘Backoff’ Malware

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a notice Thursday indicating a new and virulent form of malware called “Backoff” has been used to infiltrate retailers’ computer systems. The alert from the U.S.

US requests $5b in extra funding to bolster cybercrime defences

US President Barack Obama’s defence agency is ramping up its efforts to fight cyber crime by requesting a $5 billion [£3 billion] package of extra funding for the upcoming year of activities.

Twitter acquiring password security manager startup Mitro Labs

Twitter password security could be changing, especially for corporate accounts staffed by multiple employees and teams. The San Francisco-headquartered company is acquiring Mitro Labs, a startup based in Lower Manhattan with a service designed for sharing passwords safely for a single account.

InfoSec’s Holy Grail: Data Sharing & Collaboration

Despite all the best intentions, cooperation around Internet security is a still a work in progress. Case in point: Microsoft’s unilateral action against No-IP.

Review of Penetration Testing A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking

Helping train a computer security incident response team (CSIRT) comes with the territory when building out an enterprise incident response process. As I was reading No Starch’s recently released Penetration Testing A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking book by Georgia Weldman I saw an opportunity.

Book Review:

I recently received a copy of The Art of Memory Forensics (thanks, Jamie!!), with a request that I write a review of the book. Being a somewhat outspoken proponent of constructive and thoughtful feedback within the DFIR community, I agreed.

Calculating IDS Signature Precision

While signature-based detection isn’t enough on its own to protect a network against structured attackers, it is one of the cornerstones of a successful network security monitoring capability.

Do CISOs deserve a seat at the leadership table?

ThreatTrack Security published a survey study of C-level executives that underscores a hotly-debated topic in executive circles: what is the role of the CISO? « The CISO’s role has become increasingly complex and demanding, yet the value of their contributions aren’t fully understood or appreciated b

Etude du rapport sur la cybercriminalité « Protéger les INTERNAUTES »

Ce rapport s’inscrit dans le cadre du groupe de travail interministériel sur la lutte contre la cybercriminalité.

GCHQ certifies six cyber security Master’s degree courses

GCHQ, the British intelligence agency, has certified six Master’s degrees in cyber security as the government bids to close the much-talked about cyber-security skills gap.

Army names new commander for cyber training center

Maj. Gen. Stephen Fogarty (left) is taking over the Army’s Cyber Center of Excellence while Maj. Gen. LaWarren Patterson moves to the Installation Management Command. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno announced a change in command at the Army’s main cybersecurity training center on Aug. 1.

Bulletin d’actualité CERTFR-2014-ACT-031

Le deuxième mardi de chaque mois, Microsoft publie une série de correctifs de failles de sécurité affectant ses produits. Internet Explorer figure généralement dans la liste, et les corruptions mémoire représentent souvent un fort pourcentage des failles qui y sont corrigées.

Recent Hacking of Canadian Government Agency Has All the Hallmarks of Chinese Military Cyber Espionage Unit in Shanghai

The recent hacking attempt on a sensitive Canadian government computer network is similar to attacks mounted by an elite unit of the Chinese army based in Shanghai, according to a cybersecurity expert. — Vous pouvez également vous abonner à cette veille #Cybersécurité via un flux RSS dédié :

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